Pictures: 98 Valentina In "Lingerie Beauty" Videos: 2
Lingerie Beauty Lingerie Beauty Lingerie Beauty
Welcome booty lovers from all over the world. It's been a long wait but well worth it. Here is our newest model Valentina. Valentina is a light skinned latina with a gorgeous fat ass. I dressed her up in some sexy lingerie, a white corset, white fishnet thigh highs and a red thong. Doesn't she look marvelous? I brought her to the bed, oiled up her lovely booty and then jacked off until I dropped a big load all over her fat ass cheeks. What a great way to initiate Valentina into the oiled up asses family.



Pictures: 164 Videos: 3 Mariela In "Pink Leggings"
Pink Leggings Pink Leggings Pink Leggings
Yes, it's true. I'm a little obsessed with Mariela's booty. So much that I just want to oil up her ass and fuck the shit out of it every time I see her. For the oil up session I bent her over on the sex couch, pulled down her panties, and dropped oil all over her gorgeous ass cheeks. I took my time and gave that ass the worship that it deserves. I greatly enjoyed having my hands all over Mariela's lovely ass again. Membership is available now! Get yours today so you can see Mariela's amazing ass!



Pictures: 125 Mariela In "Pussycat" Videos: 4
Pussycat Pussycat Pussycat
Mariela definitely grew on me and that's the reason I brought her back for another oil up session. She is just so fun to work with and I greatly enjoy oiling up that little booty of hers. Her ass cheeks are so meaty and look awesome covered with oil. I found these cat disguise accessories that I thought would look great on her to make things interesting and she look so damn cute. Don't you just want to play with that pussycat all day long? No words needed for this oil up session.



The Big Ass Girl In "Yellow Lingerie Oiled Booty" Pictures: 105 Videos: 1
Yellow Lingerie Oiled Booty Yellow Lingerie Oiled Booty Yellow Lingerie Oiled Booty
Here's some bonus material for you big booty lovers from our friends over at The Big Ass Girl. This babe is one beautiful lady with a big ass. Here she is wearing nothing more than a yellow bra and thong and she looks amazing in them. We've got over a hundred picture set and a great video that you will surely enjoy. Go on over and visit The Big Ass Girl for some more oil up action and thousands of big ass photos and videos. Click here now!



Mariela In "Red Shorts" Pictures: 89 Videos: 3
Red Shorts Red Shorts Red Shorts
Now I will admit, Mariela's first session wasn't that great. After all I hadn't worked with her before so I had to learn how to expose the best of her. And this session does exactly that. She's wearing nothing more than some red shorts and underneath a sexy g-string. She does a sexy pole dance for us to warm things up. Then a little show of her body on the bed and on to the sex couch where the oil up takes place. And this is what I was talking about. Mariela has an incredible little ass that looks amazing covered in oil.



Pictures: 93 Videos: 3 Mariela In "Black Corset"
Black Corset Black Corset Black Corset
Friends, I've got a new girl for you guys. Her name is Mariela and she is a slim babe with a lovely ass. Normally I don't feature girls this skinny but something told me that Mariela would work out just great. Here she is in a black corset with a sexy garter belt. She starts things off with a little dancing and teasing and then jumps on the bed waiting for me to do my business. I poured some oil on her little ass cheeks while she rubbed it all over herself. She is definitely a sexy little thing.



Pictures: 179 Deisy In "Black Lace Bodysuit" Videos: 5
Black Lace Bodysuit Black Lace Bodysuit Black Lace Bodysuit
Yes, another Deisy session cause she's so damn hot. This time I dressed her up in a low cut white dress and underneath a black lace bodysuit. After a bit of teasing she gets on the bed, removes her dress and shows us her curvy body. This session has a two part oil up, that's right, two oil up scenes. The first takes place as she lays on the bed, I oil her up and play with her ass cheeks. I then stood her up in front of the camera where I continued the oiling and the groping of her gorgeous ass. This session alone is well worth the membership fee.



Deisy In "White Mesh Dress" Pictures: 99 Videos: 4
White Mesh Dress White Mesh Dress White Mesh Dress
I truly love Deisy. She's a dark skinned babe with an amazing toned curvy body and we can't forget her solid booty. She definitely has an hourglass figure. Well she's back again for another great oil up session. For this shoot she wears a white mesh dress tight to her skin displaying her lovely curves. She does some sexy pole dancing and some teasing on the bed in her pink bra and g-string. I then had her lay on her stomach on the sex couch so I can begin the oil up. I gave Deisy a great booty massage that got my cock super hard. Deisy is a beauty!



Pictures: 169 Videos: 4 Angelica In "Grey Workout Suit"
Grey Workout Suit Grey Workout Suit Grey Workout Suit
I just can't seem to get enough of Angelica and I think you can see why. Here she is looking all sporty in her cute workout suit. After a bit of the teasing, her pants quickly come off to reveal Angelica's lovely ass in some sexy white panties. I had her stand right in front of the camera, pulled her panties down and commenced with the oiling and worshipping of her sexy booty. We managed to get a great 163 picture set and 4 videos of this awesome session.



Pictures: 87 Angelica In "Blue Leggings" Videos: 2
Blue Leggings Blue Leggings Blue Leggings
It's been a while since I had seen my girl Angelica. She's a beautiful young latina with a meaty round ass. Here she is all relaxed in a t-shirt and some tight blue leggings looking amazing. She starts things off by teasing us with her sexy little body in the living room. Then straight to it as she lies on the couch and pulls her leggings down to reveal her gorgeous booty in a sexy black g-string. On comes the oil as she rubs it all over her gorgeous butt.


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